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There you are...one day you notice a widening part or a patch of scalp showing through your once-thick head of hair. Maybe you spot an alarming clump circling the shower drain.  Or while you’re styling your hair you noticed a distinct amount of hair is falling to the  bathroom floor.  
Such moments are especially frightening for women. 
 Some reasons for hair loss :
Excess styling
A Thyroid imbalance
Low iron and low vitamin D
Hormonal changes 
Significant weight loss
A traumatic event, like an illness, surgery, or death in the family
By middle age, 40% of women show signs of pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), a genetically-based condition in which hair follicles gradually shrink and become less active, prompting budding strands to become wispy and stubby, shed more, and grow less.
Many other women go through telogen effluvium, a temporary shedding.

Evolve Hair Solutions is committed to helping women, just like you, achieve their hair needs and fashion wants. Evolve products provide instant, beautiful, natural-looking hair. Evolve hair can be worn day and night for 4-5 weeks, before returning to the salon for a reset.
 Non~damaging/Non~ evasive 
No shaving, tape, glues or adhesives, chemicals or heat required. For your free consultation contact
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